fitcore exerciseDisclaimer: I support and love when people want to change their lives through better health. This blog is dedicated, not to bash all forms of workouts but there are much better and safer ways to do so. If this helps you more carefully choose this year, then my work is done.

How are your new years resolutions going for you? Unfortunately for most people, their goals this year are about the same as last year. Why do we continue to fail at our resolutions? Is it because we really don’t want it? I think that can be part of it, but there’s more.

Fitcore is my business and under glorifying Christ, and loving family, and making music to proclaim Christ, it’s my biggest passion. Mainly because I see such a bad realm of gyms/fitness routines/trainers out there. These are some of the main reasons I think people lose their drive for a healthier life. You must take responsibilities for your own laziness, but it doesn’t help with all the junk being presented and overwhelming your options. Like a lot of genres in life, the most popular isn’t always the best. It’s just gotten the most “airplay”. Why do people join the gym? That’s their only options right? Oh no, you have the local boot camp you can join, or crossfit since everyone is doing that… But those are all overrated. All can be good and are resources for some, but not the best.

–The gym will leave you underwhelmed and frustrated. Go by yourself and you’re stuck doing the same things you’ve always done and the same lack of results from from that. The gym has done a great job of brainwashing us into believing that without the gym, you can’t really get everything you need out of your workouts. It’s just not true.

–Finding a good gym trainer will be few and far between. Young kids that have a head full of knowledge with no insight to a true life of fitness. Or, the older, experienced but burnt out and have lost most their zeal for their job. Even worst are the ones who haven’t lost their zeal and are overly consumed by the gym life and no one could ever live up to that same expectation. They’ve lost touch with real life health.

–Boot camps are fine for the experienced workout guru, but lack in many areas. Thrown into a bunch of workouts with a bunch of people can be hazardous to your health. Not all workouts work for all people, especially for levels of fitness and/or injuries. You must be pickier for your own safety. Boot camps seem to be the only alternative outside the gym. At least that’s what seems to be. Personally I think we are insulting the military boot camps by using this term. But that’s another topic.

–Crossfit has crept up in the world of fitness. They have become the “go to” for people burnt out at the local gym. Unfortunately they cause more harm than help. The risk and reward isn’t worth it. If you aren’t left injured right now, you’re setting yourself up for a worn-out body in the future. I get it, it looks awesome and motivating, but our bodies weren’t meant for certain repeated movements with that kind of weight. Do some research; don’t have time to go into all now.

–Yoga, running, cycling, barre, pilates: I’m lumping all these together because they fall into the same boat. All are fine, but are a very little part of what your body needs as a whole. Great supplemental workouts to more full-bodied workouts, but should not be your main source of health and fitness. All are about 10% of what your body needs.

Why am I writing this? Shouldn’t people find what works for them and stick to it? In some sense, yes. But just like religion, you can pick anyway you want, but that doesn’t make it the right way or best way. I’m not saying it’s Fitcore or the highway, however, my heart has always been to help people in the most effective way, combining best results, with a body built to last for as many years as you are alive. Always be thinking long-term, you’re not indestructible. Most of us will reach the age of 70 or 80 easily. Do want to be active still? What you are doing with your body now will determine that fact. Not all roads lead to a life of a strong body for a lifetime. Lets talk percentages. Like I said previously, about 10% of what your body needs is most workout routines. Why do you think you haven’t gotten the results you want? Why do you think gym after gym is opening and people are jumping from place to place? Because no one is offering solutions, just another workout routine. No one is really educating, just getting sweaty. (I’m using the term “no one” loosely here. I know there are some honest great trainers and gyms out there, but must be careful.) And if you have gotten those results, at what cost? Remember, always be thinking long-term. Fitcore has always combined as many percentages into each workout, and in the safest form for best results.

P.S. Get over the quick results. That’s the only thing being thrown at you. 14min workout! Really? Don’t get me wrong, I can kill it in 14 min, but calm down and know how to hit it for at least 30 min for the best workouts ever. That’s what I teach. Longer workouts are great, and needed, but by all means know how to workout the most productive in the time you have.